Body Imaging

Body imaging refers to the use of imaging equipment to diagnose and treat disease and injury in the body’s organs, soft tissues, and connective tissues. 


X-ray (or radiography) is a type of diagnostic imaging that uses electromagnetic radiation (light) to produce images of the area under evaluation.  

Women's Imaging

Mammography, breast imaging (breast MRIs and ultrasounds), 3-D tomosynthesis, and OB ultrasounds.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a subspecialty within radiology that uses a radioscope for diagnostic examinations.


A PET, or Positron Emission Tomography, scan is a diagnostic scanning method that uses radionuclide combined with glucose.



Pacific Imaging Associates is a physician-owned/physician-led practice that has been serving patients and providers in our community for over 100 years. The radiologists of PIA see each patient encounter as an opportunity to positively impact the health of an individual by providing timely, compassionate, quality diagnostic imaging services to those we serve.

Our commitment to quality patient care, combined with access to cutting edge technology, enables us to provide exceptional diagnostic imaging services to those who need it most.


Pacific Imaging Associates strives to be the most respected imaging provider in the Pacific Northwest.


Pacific Imaging Associates will provide the highest quality medical imaging. We commit to our professional expertise. We will focus on growth that honors our commitment to physician and staff well-being. And we will treat everyone with respect.

Pacific Imaging Associates Values


We respect the well-being of every staff member and patient we work with.

Commitment to Quality

PIA strives to have the highest quality imaging and patient care in the Pacific Northwest.


We treat all patients with compassion and understanding.


Our partnership with surrounding hospitals and clinics is the backbone of what we do and who we are.

A physician provides diagnostic imaging services to a patient

Hospital & Clinic Partnerships

PIA is partnered with Legacy Health, Womens Health Care Associates, and Skyline Health to provide outstanding care at multiple sites in metropolitan Portland, Oregon and White Salmon, Washington.